How to Check and change IMEI Number in iPhone and Android

How to change IMEI Number in iPhone and Android: By using the following simple software you can able to change IMEI number of any Android phone.You can change IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Micromax, Motorola or any Android Device. It is a safe and easy method to change IMEI number of Smartphone.

So Here in this article you will get to know about the simplest process to Check the IMEI Number of your iPhone or Android Device. Also you can learn the Process to change the IMEI Number of both iPhone and Android Mobiles.

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Every Mobile has its own unique idenitication number as included by the manufacturers. It is the only way to know the Gadget details in brief. Hence most of the users will be trying to know about it.

How to Check IMEI number:

You can check the IMEI number of the mobile in several different ways and only few methods will give you the perfect answer to it. do check all the Methods mentioned below:

Check IMEI Number on your iPhone:


  • Most of the latest iPhone devices has it’s IMEI printed in the Back of the Phone
  • Take your iPhone, Remove the back panel and check the IMEI on the Mobile
  • Note it down for the Future use


  • Open iPhone device and Navigate to Settings application
  • Click on General option, Scroll down to reach ‘About’ option
  • Now you could see the IMEI option, Tap on it to view the IMEI of your Mobile

Check IMEI Number on your Android Phone:

Android Phone has multi ways to take note of IMEI number of a particular Android Gadget


  • Open Dial Pad on your Android Phone
  • Press *#06# on your mobile to instantly check the IMEI number
  • This procedure will display the IMEI number with a Pop-up Screen


  • Navigate to Settings App and open it
  • Scroll down to reach ‘About’ button and tap on ‘IMEI’ text
  • Within few Seconds IMEI Number will be displayed on the Mobile Screen

Change IMEI iPhone:

  • IMEI number of an iPhone can be Changed this way:
  • First of all, Check the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on iPhone
  • Now Jailbreak the Android Device with any Process you like
  • Once it is done, connect your iPhone to the PC, download Ziphone tool & Extract it
  • Press and Hold the Home Screen to get the Recovery Mode
  • Open ‘Command Prompt’ using the Windows Start Menu
  • Type ‘Ziphone -u -i a123456789012345’ and Press ‘Enter’
  • Here type in your desired IMEI number & Submit it

Change IMEI Android

The process of changing IMEI number works on both roots as well as unroot device.Applications developers want to register their device on too many devices and they track IMEI number on devices but people change IMEI number on their Android device and try to spoof applications.

IMEI is a short abbreviation of “International Mobile Equipment Identity”.

Steps (Unrooted Device)

  • Download Mobile Uncle App from play store on your android device.
  • Now, Open the app.
  • Now, select Engineer Mode > Engineer Mode (MTK).
  • Scroll Down & click on CDS Information
  • Select Radio Information.
  • Select Phone 2 option from two options.
  • You will get an option like  AT+
  • Now, enter AT+ <15 digit new IMEI>  (for ex- AT+ 123456789012345 )
  • Restart your Device and you will get your new IMEI for your android device.
  • That’s it.

Steps (Rooted Device)

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Xposed must be installed on your device.
  • IMEI Changer app – Download IMEI Changer from Google Play Store.
  • Internet Connection (required).

Android Device

  • go to XposedModules
  • Click on IMEI Changer
  • Click On Restart Device
  • After Restart, you will get your original IMEI number & Current IMEI number.
  • Now, enter new IMEI Number in NEW IMEI NUMBER box.
  • Click Apply
  • Restart Phone
  • Done……..:)

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