How to Cool down an overheated Phone

How to cool down an overheated PhoneOverheating is not a big deal if you are using too many heavy applications on your android smartphone.Especially games & camera makes the smartphone to heat up here are some tips on how to cool down an overheated phone using android applications.

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Android Battery Cooler Apps

Cool Master App

Cool Master is the Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature.

  • Real-time temperature monitoring
    Monitors and logs device temp. in real time, and displays temp. change curves.
  • Dynamic overheating detection
    Analyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that are overusing system resource to determine the cause of phone overheating.
  • One tap to cool down
    Close overheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage.
  • Overheating prevention
    Closes apps that are likely to cause the temperature rise, and prevents the phone temperature from rising again.

Device Cooler

One of the Simplest App That overcomes the common problem of heating Android devices, It helps to detect and control the extra usage of Apps That Produces heat and makes your phone slow. Enhance the overall performance of your device and slow down memory consumption during heavy usage.

Clean Master

The World’s Most Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, Battery Saver and Free Anti-Virus app, Clean Master Helps Accelerate and Clean Up Over 600 Million Phones! It Also Provides Real-time Protection With the #1 Antivirus Engine, and Secures Your Private Data With the AppLock Function.

Du Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone! Over 400 million users around the world love DU Battery Saver. With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls, and healthy battery charger stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life.

Z Speed

Z Speed+ is the smallest phone booster on market. It can boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%, and safely clean junk files to increase available space. With the advanced process monitoring technique it can intelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps and disable stealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices.

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