How to Customize Google Chrome Homepage

How to Customize Google Chrome Homepage

Chromebooks and Chrome OS have a full library of fun, funky themes that you can use to spice up your browsing experience. Not only that but with features like “Surprise Me”, your background wallpaper will continuously rotate through the Google Image archive to give you a fresh image to look at each and every day.

Here’s how to customize your Chromebook’s appearance settings to make these laptops feel like your very own.

Customize Your Theme

To start off, one of the fastest ways to change the entire look and feel of your Chrome browser is to give it a new theme.

 To access the theme options, first, you’ll need to bring up the notification center from the bottom right-hand corner of your taskbar, where you’ll find the “Settings” button. Click this, and you’ll be taken to a screen containing the Chrome “Appearance” section, shown below.
In Appearance settings, you’ll see a button that says “Get Themes”.
Click on this, and you’ll be taken to Google’s main theme portal in the Chrome OS App Store. Here you’ll find a huge variety of different themes, everything from natural hills in the Nordic to sponsored themes like Assassin’s Creed.
After the theme is installed, you’ll now see the background image and color scheme each time you open up a new tab, or when you’re already working in a selected tab in the toolbar above.
It’s in this same menu you’ll find the option to completely reset your theme if you want to install another from scratch or just want to keep things set at the default option as a personal preference.

Set Your Wallpaper

To customize your wallpaper, you can find the option in the same Appearance window as the themes toggle is located in.Google

After choosing “Set Wallpaper”, Chrome will automatically minimize all open windows and bring up the desktop background, along with a box filled with pre-installed wallpapers. You can either select from these by category (such as “Landscape” “Matte Colors”, “Urban”, etc), or upload your own image by navigating to the “Custom” tab.

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