How to hack a FACEBOOK account

Hacking a FACEBOOK account

How to hack a facebook account??we must have an Operating system installed in our computer,may be in a direct or indirect way(by using virtual machines),we use KALI LINUX as our hacking os to hack into others facebook account.Let’s look how to hack a FACEBOOK account.

Kali linux is the best operating system in which all the tools for hacking is build by default in it.

Step 1:

Start the kali linux OS,we here use kali as a virtual machine installed in Oracle VM virtual box.

Step 2:

Open the terminal in kali linux and know your ip address of your Virtual machine.

Step 3:

Now type a command “setoolkit” (without braces) and hit enter.

Hacking facebook using setoolkit

Step 4:

Now select option 1: Social Engineering Attacks.

Step 5:

Now select option 2: Website attack vendors

Step 6:

Now select option 3: Credential Harvester attack.

Step 7:

Now select option 2: Site cloner


Step 8:

Now it asks for the ip address to which it must clone the site.Type your IP(kali IP)

Step 9:

It asks for url to clone the site,give the whole site name


Step 10:

Now it takes a bit to load the sever(apache server) in the backend.Type y when it asks for conformation,and hit enter.

Step 11:

Now Use bitly url shortener and shorten the ip address of your kali linux.You will get some thing like it to your friend to hack the account like

Hey!!!Here is your childhood pic I have collected from somewhere and uploaded in Facebook.Please do watch that in this link

When he clicks this link automatically he is given a fb page but its fake and the username and password will be stored in apache server home/var/www folder.

For more info about hacking a FACEBOOK account visit kali linux official website

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