How to know if someone blocked you on Whatsapp | Tips & Tricks

How to  know if someone blocked you on Whatsapp

Most of the time we get suspicious when we don’t receive messages for a while, and our “suspected” contact seems to have disappeared. Therefore, we check their profile and for checking their status was updated a long time ago. Then, when your suspicions begin to swell, you realize that even their profile picture is gone. So in this article, you will get to know, how to  know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

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How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

Using Profile Picture

The technique of the profile picture is similar to the previous one, but with a higher degree of reliability, thanks to the fact that it is not possible to “hide” the profile picture as for the last seen. This method involves opening the profile of the suspected contact and check the status of their profile picture. If you cannot see it, then it is likely that the contact has blocked you. When you block a contact, they can’t see your profile picture anymore.

Single Tick Message

The third method concerns the famous “ticks” (small green, grey or blue “v” that appears at the bottom right in the message and indicates whether they were sent/read/received). If you’re being blocked, you will always see a single tick next to the message.

Last Visit

The first thing to do to find out who blocked you is to check the “Last seen” of the suspect. To do this, open a conversation with them (without writing anything) and see what appears right under their contact name. If you see the words “Last seen…” then it is certain that you are NOT being blocked. If nothing appears, there is a good chance that you have been placed on their “blocked contacts list.”


  • Open WhatsApp and create a new group.
  • Search for the suspected contact and try to add them to the newly-created group.
  • If this person has not blocked you, the contact is normally added to the new group.
  • If you have been blocked, you will see a message like “You are not authorized to add this contact.” This means that you have been blocked, without any doubt.


It is known that, Except the Blocked Person on Your Whatsapp, all the people will see the Status. So to verify it, follow this:

  • Visit the Profile whom you think has blocked you in WhatsApp.
  • Then navigate to his/he Whatsapp status

And if you see a Blank space other than online or Busy with something, Then it is Sure that he/she has Blocked you on the Whatsapp Application.

Careful:- Although this technique gives the absolute certainty that you have been blocked, you run the risk of being accused of “unfounded suspicions.” If you have not been blocked the person whom you suspect will be added to a dummy group and will surely wonder “why did they add me?” For this reason, and to avoid “getting caught,” before doing the group test it is advised to use other methods and ensure your suspicions are as grounded as possible.

Nothing can make it clear about the blocked Person on the Whatsapp Application. But you could see these methods mentioned above to conclude. Also you different methods that seem to work other than these methods, like wait for changes on the Profile of Target Person, Let the Blue Tick appear, and Status update, etc., And even the Future Whatsapp can bring you some more ways to test the Blocking State.

Quick Wrap:

We here recommend you to Try out all the Methods explained here, And compare these properties with other Whatsapp Account to confirm the Contact Blocking System

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  1. Yes, the clues mentioned in this article is correct and I truly agree to this. Whatsapp should bring a feature which should tell us whether someone has blocked or not.

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