5 Best WhatsApp New Features – 2020 WhatsApp Version

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WhatsApp New Features – 2020 WhatsApp Version

Here is the list of – 4 Best WhatsApp New Features:

WhatsApp New Features #1 – WhatsApp Dark mode

The Dark mode for WhatsApp was rolled out for both Android and iOS. This dark mode feature ensures that users experience less strain. Especially, on their eyes in the environments that are low-lit to ease the user experience. This feature is definitely a big relief for users. Users who were previously enjoying dark mode on Twitter, Instagram, etc. The dark mode feature can be accessed in the app’s settings section. In the app’s settings section, tap the Chats option, and then Theme. You can choose from options there, including System default, Light, and Dark. WhatsApp has also released dark mode for its desktop version as well.

WhatsApp New Features #2 – Messenger Rooms

You can now create a room in Facebook messenger. And send a link to the group video chat with anyone, whether they have WhatsApp/Messenger or not. This option is available under ‘Create Room’ on WhatsApp Desktop.

WhatsApp New Features #3 – Share Your Location On a Real-time Basis

WhatsApp new featuresYou can share your location on WhatsApp for a real-time basis. This WhatsApp feature is extremely handy. To use it, you just need to tap on the “Attach” icon. This icon is located next to the text bar on chats. Under the “Location” option there is a new option available which is ‘Share Live Location’. By selecting this, users can allow their friends and family to track them in real-time on a map. You can also choose the duration that you want to set. For how long you want your location can be tracked on the map by your friends/family. The “Live Location” feature can be enabled for both the individual and group chats. To be more precise, in a group chat, more than one person can share their location at the same time. Once the user is done, by simply tapping on “Stop Sharing”, you stop the real-time location sharing. This option is available just below the map card.

WhatsApp New Features #4 – Save data and storage space

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WhatsApp New Features – 2020 WhatsApp Version

New WhatsApp features have provided an option where the user can save their mobile data. For WhatsApp, the company is aware of the major condition. A condition that the user receives a massive amount of photos or videos in a group chat or individually. This is why now the user can save their mobile data in WhatsApp. And still, receive notifications and messages. For this, the user just needs to Disable the WhatsApp to download the media (photos, videos) using their mobile data. For this, you just need to head over to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > When Using Mobile Data. Now, here you have the option. The user can select or unselect the downloading of photos, audio, videos, or documents via mobile data. The same can also be done in the case of the Wi-Fi option.

WhatsApp New Features #5 – Delete messages

In WhatsApp, users can Delete a WhatsApp message/messages. This can be done just by simply opening the chat, and pressing and holding the text/image/video message they want to delete. The user will notice a Trash icon on the Topside of the chat window. The user needs to tap on that icon in order to delete a particular message or messages. Now, if the recipient of the message (receiver) does not receive the delete request in 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. Then, unfortunately, your sent message will not be deleted.

So these are few of the WhatsApp New Features – 2020 WhatsApp Version.

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