Top 5 Remote Desktop Connection Applications For Windows PC

Remote desktop Windows 10Remote Desktop Connection seems to be a great platform if you want to control another computer from your system. The Remote Desktop Application is very useful in online assistance programs because this works even if the two PC’s are at different locations. Here in this article, we mentioned about ‘how to remotely access another computer’ to make it easy for you to Setup a Remote Desktop Access

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Top 5 Remote Desktop Clients for PC

This tool integrates well with other famous services such as many VPN connections, Integrated password manager, Windows Powershell support, Microsoft Azure console, etc. Remote Desktop Manager standard version is free and can perform most of IT task and thus can be your answer if you are looking to managing many things at once.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager, from Microsoft, helps in managing multiple remote desktop connections. The similarities to MMC Remote Desktop, Windows Servers’ built are high, but this one is more flexible. Works perfectly on Windows 7, 10 and Windows Server version from 2003 and up.

Terminals use Terminal service Active client. Not only does it handle RDP connections but also most of the famous links. Also, it handles many networking operations such as TCP connections, Time Sync, Trace Route, and others. Terminals software is available as open source project that has regularly been maintained for some time now.

Manages multiple Remote Desktop Protocol connections. It’s a simple remote desktop manager. It uses group/server folder structure to manage all connections. Multi Desk can easily be carried along with you and can be easily accessed and also is free. All the connections get saved in an XML file. Multi Desk Enforcer ensures connections only get established with the correct shared secret. Even if a hacker has a password, he/she cannot RDP to your server. This Multi Desk Enforcer provides extra protection. Also, support Remote Desktop Gateway and Master Password.

The successor of the previously known mRemote, this open source, remote desktop manager supports multi-protocol. It provides you with a simple but powerful tabbed interface to view all your remote connections easily from one place.

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