Top Android Hacks That You Must Try On Your Smartphone

Android is the most used operating system in the smartphones. As the technology is increasing, android hacking apps are also increasing. Most of the times you may face a problem with unnecessary system apps utilizing most of the internal storage memory.

Android Hacks|Top Android Hacks

Android Hacks

Here are some Applications that you can download from play store & which is available free of cost.

Fake Location

  • Go to —settings
  • Tap on build number 7 times to unlock developer options from there you can enable mock locations.
  • Download fake location GPS app stuff and set your location anywhere as per your wish.

Remove System Apps

  • Root your android phone.
  • Download system app remover from play store. Remove any unwanted inbuilt android apps from the internal storage of your android phone.

Increase RAM

  • Root your phone.
  • Download ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER from play store.
  • Convert the desired amount of SD card space into system swap RAM. This will make apps perform better when you have a lot of storage area in your SD card.

Hacking HUB

  • Download the app Linux deploy from play store.
  • This installs Linux Operating system on your android phone.
  • Then use aircraft and hydra-like software on your phone to hack WiFi and website passwords

Battery Life

  • Root your phone
  • Download Greenify app.
  • Hibernate many user and system apps. Hibernate apps won’t use battery and memory in the background. So, you can save battery life and RAM.


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