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Its Alexa voice assistant has spread its wings to third-party devices, but if you were in any doubt that Amazon still had interest in producing its own smart speaker hardware, that would have been wiped away by the announcement of not one, but three new Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker devices in September of 2017.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus Review

The Amazon Echo Plus is a good speaker. It surely doesn’t disappoint you for what it delivers in terms of audio quality. On the Amazon Store, the Echo Plus is currently available for Rs 10,499 down from an initial price of Rs 14,999. In addition to good audio, the 7-microphone array on the Echo Plus brings with it the ability to recognize voice commands from any location around the speaker with spatial awareness.

Among the several skills that you can use to interact with your Amazon Echo, my favorite is staying organized with smart lists.By simply saying “Alexa, remind me to complete the review at 9 pm” I’d have an alert ready by the time I’m done for dinner. I can then complete the few tweaks I need to make before I get ready for the next day. For my morning alarm, I simply say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 6 am” and it’d promptly wake me up.

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