How to see Private (Hidden) Facebook Photo Albums

How to view private facebook pictures: The Social network sites can connect you with billions of people all around the world. With a single click, you get connected with any of the Social network users. Most of the People share their Photos and Videos to stay connected with the friends, colleagues etc. And here Facebook has added a feature called Hide from ‘Public or Friends’. This way, every FB user can take hold of media files posted on

Due to the lowest-level of Security on, most of the profile’s private photos can be accessed using different software tricks. You may fail in one way, but media files are not in a sealed zone on Social Media sites. They are open to people if they break the secured zone with a spying tweaks

How to see Private Photos on Facebook:

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In 7 Different ways, you can access the view hidden facebook photos. Read the Complete guide explained below


As a Toolbar, it gives a lot of features. It helps you to view photos and other media files of Facebook Profiles. Just follow the below process to know how to get it.

  • Visit Picturemate official site and download PictureMate Tool.
  • Install it on your web Browser & activate it.

Now go to Facebook User Profile, switch on the PictureMate Toolbar and search for photos you will be able to access without any restriction.

2)Social Engineering:

Simply, social engineering is a process of getting in touch with the Target User and getting closer with his/her profile in according to Facebook terms. Slowly you could access his/her photos without any software installation.


Spyzie is a Premium Spying Software that can track most of the activities on any Target Gadget. Follow the spyzie setup below:

  • Open Spyzie website and signup with a paid subscription.
  • After successfull login, install the Spyzie app on target device.
  • Login with your Credentials and allow the permissions along with any of cloud access.
  • Once all the steps are finished remove the icon to run the app in background mode.

Done !, you can track all the activity of device.

4) Profile ID:

The source code of a Facebook gives you an id and using that id you can view the complete photo albums of the Facebook profile with a single Click. The complete includes two Steps:

Step-1: Get the Profile id

  • open the facebook profile of the Target user and right-click on webpage.
  • From the Right-Click Menu, select View Source code.
  • Search for ‘Profiled’ and copy the Number appeared beside it.

Step-2: Access the Fb Photos

  • Copy the link” https::// – – – /Photos-of.
  • Now replace the dashes with Profile id and browse the link.
  • You will get access to all the photos of that particular facebook Profile.

5) is Software helps to spy on any person’s gadget. It provides a lot of features that cloud satisfy your requirement over any device. You need Setup App in Target person’s device similar to the Spyzie Application.


Findmyfbid is a Special Tool to trace out Profile id of any Facebook user. It gets the id using the URL of the Fb Profile, and with a Click, you can get the id that can list out all the Photos of Person.

  • Go to Target user account and Copy the complete URL of the Fb Profile.
  • Visit, Paste the URL and Submit it.
  • You will get the ‘Numeric’ Code note down the code.
  • Now visit the link as explained in the ProfileID Method.

7) is another Web tool helps to find Profile id of the FB Account. Using Profile id, you can view the private Photos on

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