How to Move Apps to SD Card Android

How to transfer Apps to SD Card AndroidIf you are facing an issue with the overloaded Memory space in Mobile, you need to store Apps on SD Card. To do it, we need to move all the Heavy Apps to the SD Card. While transferring the Apps from Phone Memory to SD Card, we may face Installation error on the Mobile. so We need to be careful before we begin the actual Process. So Here we have Mentioned the best ways to Save Apps to SD Card on Android mobile. Read the Complete Article to understand the topic in Brief

By Default, in every Android or iOS device all the applications will be saved on the Phone Memory itself. And mostly the user will not face any problem even during the Installation as the Apps are saved in Mobile.

But when you save the apps on SD Card, the Installed apps are safe and will be running Perfectly only when the SD Card is Mounted on Mobile Phone. if the SD Card is Misplaced in from its own place, all the apps will be removed from the Phone with in few seconds. It is always recommended that apps are saved on Phone Memory itself, because, unless you are a hardware technician, you can not remove the Phone Memory

How to Move Apps to SD Card Android:

There are three Methods to Shift the Installed Applications on the Android to the SD Card and Mostly it will save Apps to SD Card without any difficulty over both the Memory Sources.

A) Individually Transfer Apps to SD Card :

Through the settings app , we could Move the Apps one by one to SD Card without any use of External Tools. And there is no risk of getting the Apps on SD Card. To do it Properly follow this below Steps:

  • Open your Mobile and Navigate to the Settings app
  • Click & Open the Settings app, then Scroll Down to reach ‘Apps’ option
  • Once you click on ‘Apps’, you could see all the applications available on the Mobile
  • Select any app( other than System Apps) and open it
  • On the Screen, it displays options like ‘Uninstall’, ‘Force Stop’ and ‘Move to SD Card’
  • Now, click on ‘Move to SD Card’ option to shift the apps directly to the External Memory Card
  • And finally confirm with ‘OK’ button.

B) How to use Micro SD as Internal Storage:

You can use External SD Card for Storing the apps by Formatting the data. Let’s check out how we do it:

  • Open Settings App on your Mobile and Scroll down till ‘Storage’ option
  • Select Your SD Card, then Click on ‘Three dots’ Option visible on Top-right Corner
  • A Pop-up Menu will be displayed, from the options click on ‘Storage Settings’
  • On the Full Screen, you will see Two options, select ‘Format as Internal’
  • Confirm the ‘Move now’ on the Next Step, and after few minutes, you will get a Text ‘SD Card is Ready’
  • Click on ‘Done’ Button to Move the apps to SD Card

C) Third Party Apps to Shift Apps to SD Card from Internal Storage:


AppMgr is the Simple and Easy Go tool to move the all the apps to SD Card. It traces out all the Applications on the Phone Memory and you can pick the desired apps to transfer them to other memory sources.

  • Download the AppMgr application on your Mobile phone
  • Install it and Launch the app, within few Minutes it loads all the app present in the Internal Memory
  • Now you need to Mark this all and click on ‘Move to SD Card’

That’s all, it is that simple , all the apps in Internal storage will be available on SD Card

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