4 Best Free App Cache Cleaner for Android Phone

Best Cache Cleaner for Android: Cache memory can be explained as Your Android device uses part of your memory to store data for quick access and temporary storage by your apps. Most of the time Android does a good job while managing the cache, but when it goes out of control, it starts affecting your phone. So you must surely clear the cache & App data on a regular basis to keep the Mobile Functionality in an optimal state. And here you are mentioned top 4 Cache Cleaners application to help in tracing out all kinds of Cache and erasing it from the device.

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Top 4 App Cache Cleaner for Android Mobiles:

1) Clean Master

This app is my favorite for several reasons. First of all the interface is sharp, attractive and simple to use. This application has pretty much every feature you could want. It is easy to clear the history from any app; you can choose from a list or delete everything all at once.

The Main Features like Junk Cleaner, Game master, and Battery saver helps to boost the Mobile functionality. The Game master tool in it compresses all the alerts and notifications while Playing Games on your Mobile. And the Junk Cleaner will trace out the temporary files; App leave over data, etc. which consumes a bit of RAM while running in the Background.

1 Tap Cleaner

The menu is easy to use, and navigating through the various features is quite easy. But there isn’t anything you can do with this app with just one tap… If they had named it anything else, I would have used this entire paragraph talking about how easy this app makes it clear your phone calls, SMS and browsing history.

1 Tap Cleaner handles the Cache Stored on Mobile. Even the Web Browser Cache can be Traced along with all the applications Cache and leave over data. You could use this application in any instant of time, and analyze the data created so far. And with a Single click, you can delete the whole data.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

The app is simple, quick and surprisingly light. I think it is the speed of this app that sets it apart more than anything else. From just your landing page in the app, it is easy to erase your call and text history, browsing history, and of course your cache.

AVG is the Most trusted software brands in the Tech security category. It serves best in securing all kinds of Smart devices in this digital era. And when we come to Cache Cleaner, it has the Simple interface that shows details of all the kinds of data like Photos, Apps, Memory, battery, etc. So in the dashboard itself, you could find the Big Picture of Mobile. Therefore Clearing the App data along with cache is easy with AVG cleaner.

App Cache Cleaner

This is the first app on this list that will allow you to select multiple apps from a list and clear the cache of each of those apps all at once. This is a pretty important feature, especially since a lot of the lower-end cache clearing apps will take you to the information page for each app before it lets you clear the cache.

App cache Cleaner has an Older Interface but helps to find the Cache files in the Mobile along with App data. It is a Lightweight app to handle the Cache files in the mobile device. Using this application, you could get the name, location, and Size of the cache Files within the Mobile. Hence, these properties will be useful in Memory space occupied by the cache files.

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