How to clear cache on android phone ( 4 Effective ways to do)

Clear cached data Android: Cache is a Data created automatically on android Devices to make it easy to load the Apps in Short time. By default, all the apps will store the Cache Data in the Mobile. Overtime, it becomes a Big Burden on our Android Mobile and eventually consumes a lot of Memory space on Mobile. Also it often Interfere with the other Processing Task and decreases the Efficiency of the Mobile Functionality. Therefore we need to Wipe out all the Cache data on regular basis and have a Smooth Functioning of the Android Device.

How to Clear cache on Android phone:

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There are Four Methods to Clear the Cache on Android Devices without much knowledge of Gadgets and anyone can follow this below Mentioned Steps to Clear the Cache on Android device Smoothly

1) Clear system cache Android with a single Click using Settings App:

As we know, all the applications installed and other Media files on the Mobile can be managed in Settings app. Hence we will use Settings App on Android Device to Clear Cache. So Follow the below Procedure now:

  • Open Settings App on your Android device and Scroll down to See Storage & Memory
  • Here you can see the Exact Figures of Phone Memory and SD Card Status of Occupied Space
  • Find the Cached Data listed at the bottom of the List, Click on ‘Cached Data’ to get the Pop-up Box
  • Finally Click on ‘OK’ to Clear all the Cached data on Android Mobile in a Single Instant of time

if you think, you may loose important data on Android Applications, then you can prefer the below Method

2) Clear cache android Individually( One by One):

Use this Method to clear Cache data of a Specific Application without hurting any important data on your Mobile. And you could do this yourself now:

  • Open Settings App on your Android Mobile and Scroll down to Applications Section
  • Click & Open ‘Apps’ Section to view all the Mobile applications
  • Select your Preferred App to see the App informations and there Click on ‘Storage’ Button
  • Finally you land on Storage info of App, there Click on ‘Clear Cache’ to Wipe out all the Cached Data of Android Device

Hope this process will help you to Clear Cache of a Specific Application on the Android device individually. And You can use this Methods on any App at any moment to Create Space on Android device.

3) Delete cache android With Third Party Applications:

There are several Cache Cleaner apps to wipe out all the unnecessary data on your Android device. This Applications will mainly trace out all the cache data of Applications and help you to Delete the Unwanted data with a single click. And Below are the best Cache Cleaners available on Android Device

Clean Master, Du Speed Booster, AVG Cleaner and Turbo Cleaner etc

4) How to delete cache on Android Through Factory reset:

Factory Reset is the last Preferrable Option to Bring back the Normal Performance of your Android device. Using Reset Button on the Mobile will delete all the Cache data along with Media files Saved on Mobile Phone. So you must be Careful while Doing it. and Before you start the Factory Reset Settings, move all the Important Files to the Other Storage source. So Let’s Begin the actual process

  • Go to Settings App on your Android device and Scroll down to See the ‘Backup and Reset’ option
  • Open the ‘Backup and Reset’ option to See the ‘Factory Data Reset’
  • Click on ‘Factory Data Reset’ option and Confirm with ‘Proceed’ to clear all the data Stored on Mobile Phone

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