How to create Your custom url shortener

Custom link Shortener: If you’re looking for help in finding the perfect domain name, look no further than here for some tips. Now, onto the tools to manage the automatic shortening of the URLs you share. So in this article, I will tell you, how to shorten a URL.

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How to create Custom URL Shortener

Unlike Google URL Shortener which is an open source Url shortener. There are several Premium & paid URL Shortener sites to help you to shorten web address. Check out the List Below:


If you’re searching for ways to shorten your URLs to something more palatable for sharing across social media, then you’ll likely have come across a lot of information about buying your custom URL and then setting up your service on that. However, while this is a good way to keep full control over your URL shortening needs, it is a little bit more complicated than some of the other alternatives available nowadays, it’s probably also overkilling for a less-frequent user.

If you’re looking for something altogether more fully-featured than Bitly, but that can also provide you with that custom URL shortened domain, then could be worth checking out.

Rather than simply providing metrics around your content, also allows for tracking of how social activity relates to a company’s KPIs. It also claims to be able to define multiple outcomes to track for each post and attribute each conversion to the specific social post that caused it. Smart.

If you’re like our very own social media maestro Matt Navarra, you’ll like managing all (or as many as possible) of your social-related tasks from one place.

Handily then, if you’re a HootSuite user, you can use to shorten your links to a custom domain name, simply by enabling the ‘Vanity URL’ option present in Pro (from $8.99 per month) and Enterprise (pricing on request) accounts and then creating an organization. After that, you need to instruct your registrar to point the DNS A record to and choose a few settings in the HootSuite dashboard associated with your vanity URL. When the changes have all processed correctly, you should receive an email.


If you want more of an emphasis on the marketing side of things as well as simple link shortening, BudURL is another contender to consider. As well as allowing you to create custom URLs for your site, it’ll also provide detailed information about the users engaging with your updates ranging from a general performance overview to a detailed link-by-link basis, should you so wish. There’s also a neat real-time interaction feature worth checking out.

However, BudURL goes beyond mere statistics and offers up tools for full campaign management ranging from QR code support to custom links for mobile landing pages.

BudURL has a range of plans from its Solo offering (which includes support for one custom URL among other features) at $24 per month up to its Agency plan priced at $249 per month.

Host Your Own

These are the some of the services which offer link shortener services. To create your owns all you have to do is install your PHP URL shortening scripts via a service like YOURLS or PHURL – both of which are open-source and therefore free to set up. YOURLS is probably one of the most widely used shortening scripts for users looking to get custom vanity short domains on their terms. It also has the benefit of still providing some of the analytics and link-tracking goodness.

All this Application will help you in creating a Short Url from the Main webpage link. And using the above URL customized Methods, you may insert your preferred Code to hide the actual URL from displaying to the User. So this completes the Url Shortening Topics with a Simple explanation.

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