How To Hide Contact in WhatsApp Application

How to Hide Contact in WhatsApp:

 There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the easiest way we communicate further taking an instant, digital messaging to a new level. While frequently releasing updates, WhatsApp has become the most used messaging smartphone application. There are lots of Features. Available for WhatsApp like Sharing Real-Time Location, Sending any Document files, Free Voice and Video calling, Also the new Update has added Status Update.

Based on its actual Features, it provides few unique Features like, Hiding Chat through Archives, Blocking a Whatsapp Contact, changing Admin in the Whatsapp Group, etc. And all these Features make the Whatsapp Messenger a Better for all the People who want different Feature to use. Besides these features, it has a Chat Protection system, that hides Chats & Conversations from all the Hackers with an End to End Protection on Every Whatsapp Contact.

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How to hide Whatsapp contact number?

Earlier in the BLog, we have learned about Few Tricks like how to hide the Whatsapp Chat, How to Block a Contact on Whatsapp, how Change the Whatsapp Group Admin, etc. And now here we are going to explain about Hiding a Particular WhatsApp Contact or Deleting the WhatsApp Contact Permanently from the Contacts list. Both the steps don’t require any External Softwares, and therefore all the Steps are safe. You can do it yourself; the whole guide is simple. So Just read each step and Apply it on your WhatsApp mobile Application.

Hiding a Whatsapp Contact and deleting a Whatsapp Contact are two different things. We must take different procedures for each Task. So Let’s Check out, How to Hide a Contact on Whatsapp First.

How to Hide whatsapp contact?

We get the Whatsapp contacts from the Phone Contacts which we saved on mobile. Whatsapp Synchronizes all the contacts to its database to show up on the Contacts section on the App. And there is a Switch to stop the Flow of contacts from Phone Contacts App to Whatsapp Application. So there we need to Halt the WhatsApp contacts from being displayed on the Contacts list. Now we will check out the actual procedure for hiding the Whatsapp Contact:

Difference with Hiding and Deleting Contact on WhatsApp Chat:

Hiding WhatsApp contact is different from deleting it. One task, we delete the Presence in the Chat section and other Task, we delete the Contact from the Whatsapp Database itself. So don’t get confused with these tasks.

Hide Contact on WhatsApp on iPhone device:

  • Open the WhatsApp Application on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to Chat section on WhatsApp App, Scroll down to reach the Whatsapp Contact.
  • Now Tap on the Contact and Swipe to the Left of the Chat Section to get the options.
  • From the Options, Click on ‘Delete Chat’ to hide the Contact from the Complete Conversations.

This Process removes all the Traces of the Contact’s Conversation and hides the contact name in the WhatsApp.

Hide Contact on WhatsApp on Android device:

Now let’s Check the Procedure for Hiding the WhatsApp Contact on Android Phone:

  • Launch the WhatsApp App and Navigate to Chat Section.
  • Scroll down to reach that Particular Contact, then Click on ‘Three Dots’ to get the options.
  • Now Click on Clear Chat to delete the Complete conversation from the Whatsapp.

How to remove contact from Whatsapp?

  • Open the Whatsapp Application, Click on ‘Chat’ Tab.
  • Select a Particular WhatsApp Contact, Click on Contact ‘Menu button.’
  • Tap on ‘View in Address Book’ then click on Delete to erase the Contact from the Whatsapp database.

This way you could erase the Chat from WhatsApp Database or even Delete the contact from the Address book itself.

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