Tips To Improve WiFi Signal Strength On Android Smartphones

Many times we face issue regarding the low/poor WiFi signal.So here are some tips using which you can increase WiFi signal range.Nowadays almost all phones use with WiFi signals & getting low signals, having weak signal is a little bit irritating.

Boost WiFi Signals | Tips & Tricks | increase wifi speed android

Improve WiFi Signal Strength

Here are some which you might know about but are very important to get the best output.

WiFi Signal Booster

If you are worried about your poor wifi signal strength, then Wifi Signal Booster can boost Wifi signal up to a certain percentage to help you get better Wifi signals for higher internet speed. Wifi Signal Booster is one of the best Wifi booster app for Android that improves your Wifi signals for better internet speed of your Android device.

Update Device Firmware

It is very important to make your up to date so that you can able to use lots of new features & bug fixes(Smooth) experience with your smartphone. One can able to update phone by visiting Settings-About Phone- Check For Updates.

Change WiFi Band Frequency

Steps For Changing WiFi Band Frequency

  • Go To Setting – WiFi from your Android
  • Click On Menu Button- Select Advanced
  • Choose WiFi frequency band to automatic so that device can choose best according to condition

Avoid Poor Connections

You can directly choose the option of Avoid Poor Connections from WiFi option so that your device can automatically avoid the poor connections.

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