How to install(run) windows on android tablet

Windows apps for Android: Windows, Android and iOS are the Prominent Operating systems used for Smart Phone Functionality. Most of the Android devices has the Flexibility over Apps and Games online. Hence many of the windows Phone users tend to convert to Android based on the availability. And some of the gadget Freaks are trying to reciprocate the Process to Access Windows Apps on Android Phone. So, on that note, we have written this article to help the Android users to access the Windows Apps

Windows Apps are very Similar to the Android Applications, and the Difference comes with the Basic Level of Development itself. And now Windows Phone are mostly running the Windows 10 Mobile OS that exactly works like the windows PC on Large Screen. Mainly here in this Article, we have mentioned two different Methods to get Windows Apps on Android device. So Do Check out both the Apps and access the Windows Apps on Android mobile

Let’s  Move on to ‘How to Install Windows on Android Phone’ section now. In this Section , you would learn Implement the Perfect Procedure for using Windows App on Android Platform.

How to run Windows on Android:

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Method-1: Using Wine Application Apk on Android Phone

Wine is a basically a software that allows to run the Windows Application on other Operating System devices without any Hassle. It Works Similar to the Emulator tool to make use of Android or IOS in Windows or Mac PC Online. So now will check the actually Procedure to run windows Apps on Android.

How to use Wine Software to Run windows Apps on Android device:

  • Download the newly updated Wine Software on Your Android device
  • Navigate to Wine Apk file from the Downloads Section and Double Click on it to initiate the Installation
  • Allow all the requests as per the Instructions for the efficient use of Wine Software
  • Wait till it loads the Wine Dashboard that looks similar to the Windows OS on PC
  • Now, you need to download the EXE files of the Windows Apps on your Mobile
  • After Downloading the Files, open the Wine App and navigate to the EXE files of Windows App
  • Here, Click on EXE file to install Windows Apps on Android using Wine Software

It is a Simple Methods to perform on Android device with basic Knowledge of Gadgets. And if this method doesn’t work on your device, Move on to the Next Method to make it Possible

Method-2: Run Windows Apps On Android Phone Using Change my Software:

Change My Software is a Special Web Application to Support the Android Users to run Windows Apps. And it requires a Tricky method to install Windows Apps on Android Device.

  • Go to Settings App on Android Phone and Scroll down till you reach ‘Developer options’
  • In Developer Options, Enable the ‘USB Debugging’ option
  • Download the Change my Software App on your Windows PC
  • Install And Launch the Change My Software on Computer
  • Now Connect your Android Device to the PC Via USB
  • Wait till the Device is loaded on the CMS Dashboard, and Select the device
  • Click on Android, then Select the Windows Operating system from the Drop Down Menu
  • Finally select the Language and Click on Install to initiate the Download Process

It will take 10-15 mins to completely install the Windows Platform on your Mobile. Then Follow the Same Process as Mentioned in First Method like Get your Preferred Windows Applications EXE file and Run it through CMS.

This two Methods will definitely give you a Perfect choice for running Windows Apps On Android Mobile Without any hassle of Errors raised in between the Process

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