Tips & Tricks To Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones

Smartphones today have become a primary target for viruses and malware, and that includes iPhone, Windows Mobile Phone & Android Smartphones.So in this article, I will tell you Tips & Tricks To Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones.

Save Mobile Phones From Virus

Protect iPhone, Windows And Android Phones

Download Apps from Official Stores

This is supposed to be an obvious one, as Microsoft & Apple normally restricts access to other marketplaces on Windows Phone, but if you’ve hacked your device, don’t download apps, games, music or any other media from non-trusted sources. They are the primary reason behind the spread of viruses on smartphones, as often they will contain some malware along with the file being downloaded that will either corrupt your hard drive or steal all the information you have saved on your phone.

Password for Phone and Apps

Set up a password for your smartphone lock screen. This restricts other users from direct access to your entire system, and although direct access might be more convenient for you it makes accessing your data more convenient for others too! Also, use passwords for every important application you have on your phone where valuable information is stored using the free app lock in the official Store.

Download Updates when available

Updating your Phone is one of the easiest and best methods to keep your phone safe, and with these, you’ll be a step ahead of threats. Ensure that your version of OS is the latest one, and you’re golden.

Read App permissions before Installing

You should be cautious or at least aware of apps accessing the data stored on your phone. The data that the app can access is displayed before you install.

Don’t modify security setting

Hacking your phone device or tampering with security settings undermine built-in security features in your phone and make them more susceptible to attacks. It’s better to leave the security setting as it is if you don’t understand their technical aspects.

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