How do i find my iPhone (Track your iPhone)

How do I find my iPhoneMost of the time, it is believed that a Lost Mobile is Hard to get it back. And Before you lose hope over the Mobile, you must try out Few Things that might Track the Location of the Mobile. This gives perfect information about the Mobile, and you will mostly get it back. We here have created a Checklist of To-Do options and, you can find them below.

How do you track an iPhone and get its exact location:


Using a GPS Based Application, you can locate the device and get it back. As every Smartphone has a GPS System, you can locate the phone with a Mobile Tracking Application. Life360 is one of the GPS Application, and it could help you with the Mobile Location. This way, An App can be Useful in finding your Lost or stolen Mobile in any region.

Once you install the Life360 App on iPhone, it gets fixed on the server about its Location, and you can track the mobile through the Official Site. You need to Login with Credentials and Follow the steps as mentioned in the Application. This process could help you with Mobile GPS Tracking.

Find my iPhone:

Find my iPhone is a built-in feature in IOS device. Using Find my iPhone App, you can Enable Lock Mode on missing or stolen Mobile phones and even erase the Data which avoids unauthorized usage of Credentials.

Erasing user data and Locking the stolen IOS devices is made easy with Find my iPhone App. When you wanted to find an IOS device simply log in to or Use other IOS device to launch Find my iPhone to keep track of your Lost Device.

Google Location:

Through Gmail login, you can get the location details of the device when it has Internet access. This way you can manage to trace the device location and get it. Google also maintains a Find my phone feature through Gmail Account, and whenever a device is lost, you can get the location of that particular device with finding my Phone feature.

Just search for ‘find my phone’ and Login with Gmail credentials. Select your Device and open its status. That’s it; you could trace the location.

Using Apple Watch:

Apple Watch can help you to track the Mobile Phone. This method is helpful only if the missing device is connected to Same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. To locate your device follow below steps:

  • First of all, make sure it is connected to the same Network.
  • Swipe Up on the dashboard to open the Settings.
  • Click on ‘Mobile Ringing’ Sign in the Menu.
  • Once you tap on that button, your Mobile Rings even if it is in Silent Mode.
  • Also, when you Tap & Hold the button, the Flash Light of Mobile will Turn ON, and it makes the Process easier in dark places.

Use Social Media:

Let others in your area or Network about your iPhone on social Networks sites. So that if they find it, you are good to know. Else they may guide you another way to get back your Mobile.


Lodge a Complaint in nearby Police Station:

Go to nearby Police Station in your area, and inform them about the issue. So that they could track your Mobile easily.

Call your Network support:

Call your Network Carrier to raise a Support ticket. They will be ready to guide you through the issue. In case, the support team could not help you and Follow their suggestions.

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