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How to change your Snapchat usernameSnapchat has more exciting features than a Normal Multimedia Sharing app. And more People are making use of it. It has a Social networking space to show your work to. And as it is best in Profile creation, most people concern about their Username and Display name. Snapchat helps to connect with your Friends, colleagues, etc. and if there is wrong text in the place of Snapchat Name, your account may not be listed when people search for your name in Snapchat. So to stay away from this kind of issues, you need to correct the Snapchat username along with display name. Here in this article, we have mentioned the steps to change both the Username and Display name without any external software involvement.

Changing Snapchat username is Difficult than you think and an Official statement form Snapchat has already mentioned that you cannot change the username unless you delete the present account and Create a new one. On a basic need, you can change the First name and Last Name of your Snapchat account. And for both the Username and Full name issues, we have a solution and to get it, continue reading.

How to change your Snapchat name:

  • To change the name of your Snapchat account, Follow the below Steps:
  • Launch the Snapchat application and Tap on Ghost icon available on the Top-left corner.
  • Now it displays Profile details and options, Click on the ‘Gear’ icon from the options.
  • Here you get to see the First Name and Last name in two boxes, tap on it to Edit.
  • Write your name as you wish and Click on ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

Done, Your Snapchat name will be changed in a few seconds and to make the process even quicker, Tap on Profile icon and head to name, change it Save the name.

How to change username in Snapchat:

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Snapchat account has made strict rules that, no user account can change their username himself/herself. And the only possible way is to create your Preferred username based Snapchat account by removing the existing account. To get it done, Follow the Part-1 and Part-2 sections below.

Part-1: How to delete Snapchat Account:

Deleting a Snapchat account is Easy and simple as well. Before you erase your Profile from the Snapchat database, you need to know that, Once you erase your account, you never going to get it back even if it is an Image or Video you upload. So before you do it take backup of your Complete Snapchat Profile. After that, will begin the Process.

  • Open the Snapchat Application and Swipe upside to get the Account Settings.
  • Click on ‘Gear’ icon, visible to you on the Top-right corner of the App.
  • Scroll upside to get the ‘Support’ Menu, Click on it.
  • Then go to ‘My Account Settings’ and Tap on it to see the ‘Account Information’ option.
  • Click on ‘Account Information.’ Finally, you get to see ‘Delete my Account.’
  • Confirm it with ‘Yes’ to begin the procedure.

Done, This way you could delete Snapchat Account and Also verify it by Login for Confirmation.

Part-2: How to Create a Snapchat Account:

Creating a Snapchat as if you are doing a Sign up at site. To do it without any errors, follow the below steps:

  • Install Snapchat mobile Application on your device and Launch the App.
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’ Button to open the Create Account Page.
  • Fill all the Important personal details along with Email Address.
  • In the End, you get to see a Box for Username, Type your Preferred ‘Username.’
  • Enter the Password and CLick on ‘Create Snapchat account.’

And Above the steps, verify your email address from Mail Box. By copying the steps as explained in Part-1 and Part-2, you can get the Right username as you wished for.

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