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How to delete Snapchat story:

Snapchat has got lot of attention with the Most Trendy updates like Status and Snapchat stories update. It has even added a feature to Download or save the stories on to Mobile along with Data base of all the People who viewed the snapchat stories. Also you could delete the snapchat stories at anytime with a Simple Tutorial. And here in this guide we are going to Explain you about Snapchat story Deletion in much easier way and it requires no technical knowledge to go through the Procedure. So Let’s begin

Snapchat Stories can be Deleted based on your Wish and it has Tricky feature with a disadvantage that even if you delete a Story it is visible to all the snapchat users until it completes 24hrs from the time of Snapchat status update. Now let’s start with beginning of the Process.

View the Snapchat Stories:

You can view the stories of the people you are following and if you want to check your own Snapchat stories, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Snapchat mobile application and check the ‘My story’ option Top corner
  • Click on ‘My Story’ to view the Slideshow of your Snapchat Stories
  • To view the Snapchat stories in Full Screen, Click on ‘Three Dots’ Menu
  • Here you get to see the Snapchat in Big Picture.

This way you could access the Snapchat Stories and if you wanted to add more pictures to stories , Click on ‘Plus’ icon visible beside the ‘My Story’ Button and with in few seconds the new snap will be added to the Snapchat stories. And here you can also check out the Count of Viewers for every snap added to My Story

How to Download Snapchat stories on to Mobile?

Downloading the Snapchat stories is easy and you need to save one Snap at a time. And there is also a option available to get all snaps at single take. so to save the snapchat story to your mobile follow the below steps:

  • Go to Snapchat story from the Top menu on the Main Screen of Snapchat App
  • Now you land on Snapchat story Page-> Click on ‘Download’ icon visible beside ‘My Story’
  • Then with in no time, the Process will be initiated and all the Snapchat story are downloaded on to Gallery on Mobile
  • And if you want to download a Single Snap from the complete ‘Snapchat Story’. Click on ‘Download’ icon beside that particular Snap from the Snapchat Stories

Deleting the Snapchat Story:

To Delete Snapchat story, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Snapchat app and Navigate to Snapchat stories
  • Click & Open the each Snap and Tap on ‘Delete’ icon to remove the story from the Snapchat app
  • Similarly do this for all the Snaps in the ‘My Story’ section

Snapchat Stories can be seen even after Deleting?

Yes, Your Snapchat stories can be Seen even after deleting. Because Snapchat has made a default feature to make the newly Updated Snapchat Stories visible to all the followers for a Time Duration of 24hrs. so there is no chance your stories are hidden from the people.

Who has Visited my Snapchat Stories ?

Snapchat Stories provides a Count of all the people who have viewed the story. But, if you have deleted the Snapchat Stories, then you are out of Control of ‘My Story’ section. And unless you delete the Snapchat, you get a Count of Visitors and also has the feature to check all the profiles of the Visitors who has seen the snapchat stories.

So this way , you can handle the Snapchat story and note the important things that are related to them. And do comment your Views form the below section

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