How to delete Snapchat messages Permanently

How to delete Snapchat messages

Snapchat is the best App to connect with Friends and Communicate with them. When it has introduced Live stories and Status Update. Most of the Snapchat users post their daily feeds using status update feature. Most of the features attracted the users to continue using the Snapchat app. Along with the latest updates, it has also improved the Messaging system with quick delete, Clear Conversations and save the Chat for future use. And in case you want to Delete snapchat conversations individually and Completely, follow the below guide.

Messages and Conversations on Snapchat have a Lot of restrictions and if you want to erase it from your account you need to go through certain tasks to get it done. so you will learn about deleting snapchat messages individually, and all the conversations at one time(empty the Chat Box).

How to delete Snapchat message individually:

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Snapchat has improved in a lot of ways, and Messaging feature has got few more upgrade that makes the messages handling much easier. So now to delete Snapchat message individually follow the below Steps:

  • Open the Snapchat app and Swipe on Screen towards Right to display Friends Page.
  • Go to the Chat Section which has all the conversations sorted in List view.
  • Now Navigate to that Specific chat to wanted to erase and Tap & hold on it to get the options.
  • From the Options Click on ‘Delete’ to remove that specific chat completely your Snapchat account.

And if you want to Delete to all the conversation with a Single click, read the Next section.

How to delete Snapchat Messages all that once:

Here you will learn to Erase all conversations you had on the Snapchat with single Click. And you need to perform a different task to go through the Snapchat messages deletion. To make it simple we have made a Step by step procedure, so follow the below steps:

  • Click and Open the Snapchat App on your Mobile.
  • Now click on Ghost icon Visible on Top-Right Corner.
  • Then you will land in Account Page, here you need to Click on ‘Gear’ icon.
  • when you get a New page, scroll down to see ‘Clear Conversations’ option.
  • Here all the Conversations will be listed with ‘x’ mark beside every option.
  • Click ‘Select all’ and Confirm the Chat Deletion on the snapchat.

This way you could be able to remove all the conversations at a single instant of time. And in case you wanted to delete the Saved Conversations of the snapchat , Read below section.

 How to delete saved messages on Snapchat: 

Snapchat has introduced Save Mode for the Conversations. It helps you to save a Particular Text or Message of any conversation so that even if you delete the whole Snapchat data that saved messages will be a safe zone and you can access them any time. So now to delete the saved Snapchat Messages follow the below steps:

  • Open the Snapchat application and Go to Chat Section.
  • Navigate to the Specific Chat and Conversation that you have saved for Future use.
  • Tap & Hold on it to see the delete options and Click on ‘Unsave’ option.
  • Now go to account section and scroll down to get the ‘Clear Conversations’ option.
  • Click on ‘Clear Conversations’ option to get the list of all the conversations.
  • And Finally, click on ‘delete’ by selecting all the conversations in a single click.

This way you could Delete snapchat messages individually, or all the messages at once. Because of all these features on Snapchat account, it has been a Great app to communicate with people. And I hope you got to know about deleting the Conversations on snapchat in an easier way. Do comment your views from the below section.

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