How To Save Battery On iPhone 5,5S, 6, 6S – iPhone Tips And Tricks

How to improve iPhone battery LifeiPhone has excellent interface along with Speedy performance. Due to this High-Quality Features, Apple devices may get the Battery issues. Hence, you need to figure out the ways that could help you to decrease the Power Consumption on the iPhone. So To help you with that, we have listed few Effective Tips And Tricks that could Solve Save the Battery on your iPhone device and give a Better Battery Life.

How to Save Battery Life on iPhone:

There are Several tricks to reduce the power consumption and improve the Battery life of iPhone. And to make it easy for you, we have created a list of Top 9 Effective tips that has a Huge impact on the Battery usage of an iPhone device.

1) Trace out the Highest battery Consumer:

iPhone has added a Separate section in the settings app to check the battery usage and Statistics of all the running Applications on the iPhone. So go straight to Settings App and Follow this.

  • Click on General to use the Usage option.
  • Tap on ‘Usage’ to open the Battery related options, there click on ‘Battery Usage.’

After all, you get to see a list of Mobile applications running in the iPhone device do check them and identify the apps that are using most of the battery Power by checking the usage Column.

2) Turn off the Wi-Fi Network if not in use:

Internet access consumes a lot of Battery power based on the application you use. And in case if no application requires Wifi or Internet access at the current moment. Just Switch it off. This way you could save battery for a longer duration.

3) Disable Background Apps:

Whenever we open a mobile application and leave it there, these applications run in the Background and continues to absorb Battery life silently. Therefore it is advisable to close all the running apps in the iPhone which are not useful at the moment.

4) Adjust the Screen Brightness:

Screen Brightness is the higher Battery consumer, and it takes away the maximum part of the Battery on any mobile device. And to make it in optimal state Turn on the auto-brightness or Move the Brightness Slider bar to best screen view.

5) Turn off Location Services:

Similar to applications which run only on Internet, Location Services also taker some part of the Battery power, so Use it only when it is beneficial.

6) Use a Simple Background:

Live wallpapers and Highly Graphic Background images trigger the Screen brightness to consume more Power than Regular Mobile usage therefore if you are using a High-quality image switch to basic Wallpaper to save little more power.

7) Switch off Extra Sounds and Vibrations:

As we know that, we could use Extra sounds for Keypad Typing, Locking the phone, using Dial Pad, etc. and you need to get the idea that, Every Extra task in the iPhone is chargeable regarding Battery life. Hence you need to Switch or Disable all the unwanted sounds and vibrations on the mobile.

8) Switch off Auto-update for Mobile Applications:

Most of the applications installed on the PC or Mobile has default settings to get the auto-update of all the applications. And this feature will take some extra Battery power with automation of Apps. Turn it off and use this feature when you feel like the app is not working properly.

9) Disable Push Notifications:

Push notifications are the perfect way to promote the new products and features on the Mobile. But it distracts the user from the actual work, and along with that, it absorbs the Battery Power little more than a regular way.

Hope this guide helps you in digging deep into the battery related issues and even help you to know about ‘how to conserve iPhone battery’ Do comment your views from the below section.

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