4 Best Skype Alternatives to make a Video Call

Skype Alternatives: As we all know that Skype is the best video chat software with High-Quality video picture. It is the First software to provide internet users to have a Video Conference and even have a Meeting from the different place around the world. And with the Tech Trends, we have more similar apps to make a Video chat or video conversation to access all kinds of smart devices. So if you are looking for the Alternative Skype Client, then you are in the Right place. To help you out in finding the best alternative to Skype Video chat software.

Top 6 Skype alternatives for PC  Video Calling:

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1) Viber:

Viber is a Free Video Calling, and Instant Messaging application allows to have a Conversation with no cost. It requires no email address to create the account, all it takes is your mobile number and lets you connect with all your Friends and Colleagues over a Video conversation. Not just that, it allows connecting with a non-Viber user with a Direct calling feature with low calling rates. Along with Video calling feature, it also has Instant messaging and Sharing of images & videos.

2) Oovoo:

Oovoo is best skype alternative with a Lot of features other than video calling capability. Watch Privacy is a beneficial feature for Oovoo users. Group Video Conference capability is the highlight feature of the Oovoo App. Similar to Viber app, Oovoo App also supports International calls at cheaper rates, and it is applicable for all the non-Oovoo users.

Inside, Oovoo there are special settings to control the Privacy for the Kids & children. Also, you could block the access to some of its Features.

3) Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts gives you lot more than Video chat Feature. It allows to share your PC or Mac Screen with the other Person with a single click and Thereby train the people or explain the key concepts of your Project. Google Hangouts also Supports, text Messaging, Image or video sharing features. You can even have a Video Conference with a Group People at the same instant of time.

Google Hangouts is available for Apple and iOS Devices too. The Special Feature in Google Hangouts is, you can link the Videoconference with the Youtube, and after the Conversation, the video will be saved on the Youtube Account.

4) Facetime:

Facetime supports only on Apple devices, and it allows us to have a Conference with Mobile phones which has no Camera by turning off the video mode. It is an excellent application to use for communication with Friends and have fun with Group Conference.

5) Whatsapp:

Whataspp has changed the way people communicate with each other. Basically it has brought drastic change in Interenet users around the World. With every new Update, Whatsapp has added more features that attracted most of the people to continue using it.

Free Instant Messaging and Media Sharing are the important Features included in the Whatsapp Messenger application. Later on with the change in Tech trends, it has added Free Voice and Video Calling Features. And on overall , Whatsapp is the Best Alternative to Skype.

6) GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting is the Free Voice and Video Calling app available for all iOS and Android users. It allows to Create Custom URl for Video Conferences and permits the new users in between the meeting.

GoToMeeting is basically created for Personal and Professional Meet up of People all over the World. Along with common features of Skype, GoToMeeting has Custom URL Creation, Video Meetings with Six Individuals at a time etc.
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  1. Additionally, you can also try using alternatives like webex, gomeetnow, gotomeeting, R-HUB web video conferencing servers etc. for all your video calling needs. They work well.

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