How To Change WhatsApp Group Admin

How to change WhatsApp Group AdminWhatsapp Messenger is the Topmost Mobile application in the messaging Category and continues to gain the Trust of the Users with a lot of security features. Even more, it introduces the latest features to cope with competition and bond with the users. In WhatsApp, we can create and Manage Groups over a click. As usual, Group admin owns all the settings, and rights to remove or add a new member with restrictions. Not just that, a Group admin can assign a Member as a Group admin and even leave from the Group. This process is mainly referred to as Transfer of Group Admin to another person. So here we have mentioned briefly about the Whatsapp Group and how to handle the Group Admin position.

How to Change Group Admin in WhatsApp:

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WhatsApp Group Admin can be Transferred or changed with a simple setup, and mostly it takes just a few clicks. And before we get straight to the Actually tutorial, let’s know about a few things:

Adding More Admins:

Any WhatsApp Group can have a maximum of 10 Group Administrators and if you are the only admin in the Group, then add some more people as Admin to share some of your burdens. This way you can be free from all the headache of posting. To add more admins to your WhatsApp Group, follow this steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp Messenger application and navigate to your Group name.
  • Click & open the Group, now tap on three dots (Settings) in the Group.
  • Now you can see the list of Group Members along with your name as Admin Tag.
  • Long Press on any of the Group member and Click on ‘Make as Group Admin.’

That’s it that person will get the admin access within a few seconds.

Removing Admins:

Similar to Adding Group Admin in a Whatsapp,

  • Go to that specific Group in Whatsapp Messenger Application.
  • Click on Group info, Scroll down till you reach the name of that particular person.
  • Long Press on his/her name to view the Pop-up Menu.
  • And Click on ‘Dismiss as Admin’ to remove the admin access from that person.

Change the Whatsapp Group Admin:

In three different Methods, You can shift the WhatsApp Group admin to another person easily. Follow the same Procedure as mentioned below:

1) Change Number:

  • Open the Whatsapp messenger, Click on the ‘Profile’ icon.
  • Then click on ‘Account’ option from the list.
  • Now click on ‘change number’ option to alter the current mobile number.
  • Replace the old mobile number with a new one and save the changes.
  • Within no time, Admins of all the Whatsapp Groups will be changed.

2) Quitting the Group:

This method is a bit risky, and you need to take backup of all the messages in the group before we begin the procedure.

  • After saving the backup file in a different location, open the WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Select the Group name to which you want to change the Admin and open it.
  • Tap on Three dots(Top-Right corner), then select Group Info.
  • Then you will get all the Whatsapp Group Members list.
  • Long press on any of the Group member’s name to view the menu and click on ‘Remove.’
  • Similar Remove all the other Group Members, except one person (to whom you wish to make as Admin).
  • Now, Leave Whatsapp Group, and the other person will become an admin for that Group.
  • Add all the Group members from the new Group admin’s Account.

This way you could shift the admin Access to other Person.

3) Direct Admin Access:

It is the Quickest way to Drag and Drop the new Group Admin with a Single setup:

  • Launch the WhatsApp Messenger and Open the Whatsapp Group.
  • Click on Three dots, then select Group Info.
  • There you see, list of Group Member’s names.
  • Long Press on that particular Person’s name ( to whom you wish to make Admin).
  • Click on ‘Make as Admin.’

Done, you have successfully added a New Admin to the Whatsapp Group without any use of Softwares. Do comment your views from the below section.

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