How to put a link in Instagram bio

How to Add Link in the Instagram BioInstagram is the Most Preferred Social Networking App, and Basically with the Photo-sharing feature has attracted most of the People. And to create more bonding with the users, Instagram Team has introduced many Features to cope with the competitors online. One of the Features that is beneficial to all the users is Adding a Link in Bio. Through this feature, any user can create a funnel to attract the customers to buy a new product or Promote an Event and eventually increase the revenue.

A link in Instagram Bio has more benefits than we think. If we make effective use of it, then we get benefited in a lot more ways. So here let’s check out how we could add a link in the Bio.

How to Add Link to Instagram Bio:

You can add Link in Instagram Bio in two different Ways, 1) Manual 2) Using Software. This two ways could have a huge impact on your Profile. So do check out the complete procedure below:

Manual Way to add Link in Instagram Bio:

Instagram has a special procedure for adding Link in the Bio, follow this steps:

  • Launch Instagram Application and Click on Profile icon on Bottom-right Corner.
  • Then Click on ‘Edit Profile’ to open the account settings.
  • Now scroll down to reach ‘Website’ option.
  • Click on ‘Website’ and enter your Website name.
  • Save Changes with ‘Done’ Button.

Boom, Your website will be listed on your Instagram Bio now, Check it.

Using Software:

Many software are built to help Instagram users in every possible way. A software  makes the process much simply because it provides not just a single tool, but Many add-ons to give out good results. From the list of Softwares available online, we are sorted to Two Best Software Tool for Instagram.


Metricool is a Premium Software to satisfy your needs while using Instagram Application. It provides a Free subscription with limited options, and if you want more, then you can get a Premium Subscription based on your requirement.

Metricool is not just for Instagram; you can manage Other social media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter too. And this tool you can get Custom reports, Post Links on social media accounts, inserting Link in bio and Schedule the Posts with Planner Network. Therefore you can make use of this app for posting Link on Instagram Bio. is one simplest Social Media optimization Tool; it creates the best space for all the marketing People to showcases all the works and Products on Instagram. is the best Tool to add a link on your Bio and Keep Track of all your Traffic without any need of any other software. Check the tool here.


The Name itself tells us the word ‘Schedule’; it is an Effective Tool to manage social media Accounts with a lot more features to grow your followers in Less time. Along with Auto-posting, it provides features like Hashtag Manager, Photo Editor, Instagram Story Scheduling, Posting Link on Bio and Link Tracking.

So Using Schedugram, you can insert a Link on your Instagram Bio with a Click. And mostly takes few minutes to display on your Instagram profile.

This Tool is Specially designed for Links on Instagram Bio. It allows capturing the Clicks and Traffic passing through it with a quick setup. It also supported Platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Etsy, etc.

Get your Free Trial here!

All the Tools can help you in solving the issue of Instagram Bio. Also gives much more than you expected. So check all the tools and apply the one which is suitable for your requirement.

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