11 Instagram Tips and Tricks to increase Followers on your Profile

Instagram Tips and Tricks for effective use of Instagram App Every Application gets a new update to maintain the rap with the Users, It may be for fixing the bugs or Adding a new feature to it. Similarly, Instagram gets a new update with every new feature. And There are a lot of features which you may not have used on Instagram.

Here in this Article, we have mentioned a Perfect list of Instagram Tips and Tricks. So let’s Check out them:

11 Instagram Tricks to get followers:

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1) Hide stories from certain People:

All the Stories you create on Instagram will be visible with your followers, and you can restrict it from viewing the Profile with a simple setup. It is one of the Instagram story tricks.

  • Go to any of your Followers profile and Click on the Menu( Three Dots) can be seen on Top-Right Corner.
  • A menu will pop-up and now Click on ‘Hide your Story.’

2) Hide Annoying Ads and Stories:

Instagram Stories are sometimes Annoying, and you can avoid them by activating Silence Mode. Also, you could halt the Ads displaying on your Feeds with a new feature too.

Mute the Annoying Stories:

  • Go to the Instagram Stories circles and drag them down to View the Mute Button.
  • Click on ‘Mute’ to activate Silence mode on Instagram Stories.

Hide Repetitive Ad :

While you see the same Feed several times, Just do this:

  • Click on Three Dots option visible on Top-Right Corner.
  • Click on ‘Hide Ad’ from the Options.
  • 3)Get a Full-size image on Desktop.

4) Enable Two Factor Authentication:

Two-Factor Authentication will add an extra Step to Login to your Profile on any user account. So, Therefore, Most of the Social networking and mail services providers are adding this feature. And you must use this features to be safe from all kinds of Credentials Leaks. Check the Process below:

  • Go to Settings on your Instagram Profile and Scroll down to reach ‘Two-Factor Authentication.’
  • Click on it and Add the Mobile Number if you have not linked it before.
  • And Turn on the Toggle Switch to get Security Code everytime you login to your Instagram Account.

5) Check your Hashtags Potential:

Each Hashtag you add to Instagram post has the potential to reach out to a lot of users. So Check a Particular Hashtag Potential using Hashtagify Tool.

6) Integrate more Apps:

Instagram allows integrating of different apps that could make Posting easy and for editing the Photographs. This way you could make changes to your Instagram Posts manually. This Apps includes Camera+, PhotoGrid, etc.

7) Manage Multiple Profile:

Similar to Gmail Application, Instagram has also added a feature to Switch to different Profile without actually Logging Out from the Current Profile. This way you could manage Multiple Instagram Profiles. It’s relevant to mention that you can manage your profile well to build Instagram followers by growth service. Experts suggest buying 100 Instagram followers instead of buying tons.

8) Stories Highlights:

Unlike Instagram Stories, Stories Highlights will be live until you Turn off. Whereas Instagram Stories will last for maximum 24hrs. This feature allows to Create Stories on Instagram with a Switch to Turn ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ whenever you feel like adding a New Timeline.

9)Schedule Posts in Advance:

You can Schedule the photos and Videos by having an Instagram Business account. Link all your Social Media Profiles and set them to Auto-Post with a Scheduled Date & Time.

10) Control your Tagged Photos:

By default, whenever a user tags your name, your profile will be linked automatically, and all your followers can see the Post. So to allow it for your approval, Check the Manual mode for ‘Photos of You’ in settings.

11) Have a Private Chat with Followers:

Similar to all the Messaging Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Instagram has introduced the Messaging feature. Through which you can Share Photos, Videos, and Text. Therefore Instagram is a Perfect place to communicate and stay connected with your Followers.

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