How to Download Songs(Audio) from Youtube

Download Songs from YoutubeYoutube Music is the New Project initiated by the Google Team. It allows to stream only music, and most of the users are waiting for it to launch as many of them are searching for Music files for the available videos on Through Youtube Music, it is easy to access music with a redirection from the to Now, if you are currently searching for music files of Youtube site then read on for complete guidance.

How to Download Music from Youtube:

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Youtube being the Largest Video sharing Application and it is slowly introducing all the features to satisfy all kinds of users. And as more people are searching for music files of youtube videos. Youtube Team might delay the Music project, and solve the Present problem of Music files for Youtube videos we have written a brief Guide with tutorials to download Music from Youtube. So let’s begin.

Using two different ways, we can download songs from youtube. The first way is through Web Tools, and another way is using Software application.

Software Applications:

4K Downloader:

Download 4K downloader is a perfect tool to extract music files, and also download videos from the Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and other Video sharing sites. It is a Software application with an Effective tool to trace out the media files and download them with a single Click. Learn the music files are downloading Process below:

  • Go to the official website of AK Downloader and Download the Setup file as per the Operating system.
  • Install the Software application on your PC or Mac, Then Launch the Application on your desktop.
  • Now browse your favorite Video on on a Web browser and copy the Link.
  • Then go to the search result of 4K Downloader and Paste it, After that Click on ‘Submit.’
  • Within a few seconds, it loads the Preview of the video file.
  • Here you need to select the Music as a Media file and Click on the ‘Download’ Button.
  • It begins the process in no time and saves the Music file on the computer after finishing the download Task.

a Tube Catcher:

A Tube Catcher is a Multi-Purpose tool for Windows PC; it can capture your Screen, record audio, convert youtube video to mp3, etc. With this one Single Media Tool, we can use it for all the Media related works. And here we need a Youtube video to Music extractor. It works the same way as the 4K Downloader and let’s Check out the Procedure below:

  • Download and Install aTube Catcher application your Windows PC.
  • Pick the Favourite video on Youtube, and copy the Video URL.
  • Now go head to downloader section, in the URL box paste the Link.
  • Select the Output location and finally click on ‘Download’ Button.

Any Video Converter:

Download Any Video Converter to Extract Music directly from the Youtube Videos. Also, it gives a lot of features than just a Music extractor, Follows the below process to setup Any Video Converter:

  • Download the Setup file from the official site.
  • Then Launch the application on your mobile.
  • Get the Video URL from the Youtube Site.
  • Navigate to ‘Convert Video’ section on the dashboard of ‘Any Video Converter’ Tool.
  • Click on Add URL Button and Place the Youtube Link.
  • Finally Click on ‘Convert Now.’

VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is a Powerful Tool to Play media files on a Windows machine. Also, it allows accessing Video streaming directly from the Web browser. To learn how to get it to read the below tutorial:

  • Copy your Favourite Youtube Video’s URL from the Site.
  • Open the VLC Media Player and Navigate Media from the Menu bar.
  • Then Click on Open Network stream, to open web Player.
  • Paste the Link in the URL box and Click on ‘Play’ it automatically saves the video onto PC.
  • After you need to convert the Video through VLC with Video Conversion settings.

Web tool: is a web tool to save music from youtube without any third party software installation. So to download the Youtube video as a Music file, copy the Video URL on and Click on ‘Start.’ Then it will begin the Download process and saves the File on your PC.

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